3 most popular types of beards

3 most popular types of beards

The right beard for every man

1. Three-day beard

A three-day beard is sexy. That's what both men and women say! Why? It seems
attractive, casual and still well-groomed. For a three-day beard, hairs
should be between half a millimeter and four millimeters long, so that the skin
not yet completely covered. A three-day beard extends over the chin,
the mouth, the lower part of the cheek and the upper neck area. About your natural
beard growth depends on whether you need three, six or ten days to get that one
popular beard look.
Caring for a three-day beard is simple: use a trimmer when it grows out.
This way you will quickly and easily maintain the length of your three-day beard. IN
meanwhile, wet shaving with a razor can shape and hold
clear contours of your face. It is ideal for men who have square or
triangular face, because sharp facial features appear softer, and the face looks rounder.

three-day beard MAVI cosmetics

2. Chin along the jaw

The beard along the jaw is known by several nicknames - most often we call this type of beard "boxed beard", which in literal translation would mean a square beard. This beard joins the zulufs and frames the whole face. That beard radiates from ear to ear
confident, expressive and modern. Let all the beard grow,
except for the mustache - keep it clean, shave the hair on the upper lip and on
cheek area - and trim the hair to a moderate length with a trimmer. The most important part of this process is shaping the beard according to the contours of the face with a razor or a razor. The best way to do this is by following one of the numerous YouTube tutorials or by going to a barber/hairdresser. Once the baselines are set, every few days you can shave the new hairs that will start to grow and trim the existing beard with a trimmer.
The full version of this beard is best suited to narrow face shapes because it will
give fullness and contours to thick hair on the lower jaw and cheeks. Fuller
faces appear thinner due to long hair on the jaw and lower part

boxed beard mavi cosmetics

3. Full beard

A full beard is one that we give all the freedom to grow. We simply let it grow and don't bother editing or shortening it. This is any beard that is longer than 2 centimeters. A full beard can visually elongate the face to make it look thinner - it's especially good for men with round faces and fuller cheeks. Those with an oval face shape should not wear a full beard that is too long, as it will further elongate and thin their face.

full beard mavi cosmetics

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