MAVI for beard kit


MATHEO Shampoo

Made with the same active ingredient as our Victor Beard Growth Serum.

Promotes hair growth and stops hair loss. Also contains Keratin that will give your hair that special glow.

VICTOR Beard serum

Our favourite product. Thanks to the active ingredient Baikal skullcap it stimulates beard growth and beard thickness.

Also contains hyaluronic acid which makes your skin soft and shiny.

DERMA roller

Derma roller is a revolution in skin renewal and regeneration, but it is just as effective for beard and hair growth.

MAVI program

100 days money back guarantee

The beard began to grow several times faster than usual and began to fill places where it had hardly grown at all until now. The product works great even though I was not 100% committed, which means the results can be better!
Luka, 25 years old
The result is more than good, I am very satisfied. It is much thicker in some places and has strengthened a lot after just one vial. Well done!
Marko, 33 years old
In the past month, I have noticed a difference within a week of applying the product! I got a lot of positive comments especially on the hair which unfortunately started to fall out even though I am only 21 years old. I thank you this way and I will continue to order.
Dino, 21 years old