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How do MAVI products work?

All our ingredients have been used in folk medicine for centuries and the main one is Baicapil.

Thanks to the active ingredient from the plant, Baikal cap (Scutellaria Baicalensis) and extracts of soybean and wheat germ, it supports hair growth and density.

The mechanism of action of the components of the active substance Baicapil is based on the stimulation of cell proliferation, stem cell activation and antioxidant effect.

Baicapil delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the root of the hair and also improves circulation so that the root "wakes up" and begins to grow again.

In addition, our products contain:



High quality Hyaluronic acid that hydrates and protects the skin.



Makes your hair stronger, shinier, less wavy and easier to style. It also protects and repairs already damaged hair.
It also protects and repairs already damaged hair.

When can I expect results on my beard?

The results are usually visible after the first bottle, but this is not always the case.

That is why we recommend the MAVI program that lasts 100 days and if there are absolutely no results MAVI cosmetics gives you your money back!

When can I expect results on my hair?

Although Baicapil - our main ingredient is tested on hair, it is much harder to guarantee hair growth, especially on the scalp where a large hair loss is visible.

The best results will have people whose hair has just started to fall out or is just thinning, and it is certain that in all MAVI it will slow down and even stop the loss of existing hair.

It is important to remain patient and consistent and understand that the results or their speed vary from person to person.

I ordered the products, when can I expect them at my address?

All our products are shipped via DPD.

For regular delivery the package will be at your address 3-5 working days, counting from the day after the product is ordered.

As for fast delivery, if the package is ordered before 12:00, it will be at your address the next day.