MAVI program

No results after 120 days ?
No worries, we will refund your money in full.

The results are usually visible after the first vial. Beard growth varies from person to person. Even though most users effectively accept the active ingredients, certain users need a slightly longer period of time to activate the growth. This is why we recommend the MAVI program.

How does the MAVI program work and how to apply?

Take a picture of the hair / chin area from multiple angles before use.

Use 4 beard serums / shampoos and at least 1 beard / hair roller.

Use the products in the manner prescribed.
For more information visit our website.

Take pictures every 2 weeks from the same angles to track progress.
Make sure the images are in the same resolution and taken from the same distance.

All images must contain a timestamp.
Download one of the many mobile apps to add a timestamp to your image.

Send all images in chronological order to our email address.

Describe the use of the product and your impressions. How has the product affected you? What did you notice?
Have you used any other products during use? What would you recommend us?

If after 100 days you have absolutely no changes, MAVI cosmetics will refund you in full.