DERMA roller

Derma roller is a revolution in skin renewal and regeneration, but it is just as effective for beard and hair growth.

MAVI for beard kit

540 needles


0.5 mm

How does the DERMA roller support beard growth?

Tiny needles penetrate the first layer of the skin and thus activate hair follicles and increase circulation, while also helping the better absorption of the serum.

It works by making the needles penetrate the upper layer of the skin, which does not contain sensory nerves, and is therefore completely painless.

How to use DERMA roller?

The roller is used by running it lightly over the desired part of the chin or the rest of the body.

You should roll horizontally, vertically and sideways but no more than 10 times in each direction.

After that, it is important to apply a beard growth serum or other product of your choice for better skin absorption. It is recommended to use the roller every 3-4 days in order to give the skin time to recover after the micro-damage.

What are the benefits of the DERMA roller?

In addition to accelerating the growth of beards and hair, it also stimulates collagen production and is excellent in the fight against aging, cellulite, hyperpigmentation, scar removal and similar problems.

Clinical study

Higher density

Extended growth faze

Stronger root

New hair visible

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