No results after 120 days? No problem, we'll give you a full refund!

Results are usually visible after 100 days or 2 bottles of serum/shampoo in combination with a derma roller. Growth varies from person to person. Although most users only need 2 bottles to activate new follicles and start hair growth, some users need a little more time. That's why we recommend the MAVI program.

Use the products for 120 days

Use MAVI products according to the instructions on the packaging. The most important thing is to use the products regularly and consistently.

Take a picture

Take pictures of yourself every 2 weeks from several angles. It is important that the pictures are from the same angle and distance and under the same lighting.

Send us everything

Send us all the pictures in chronological order with a short description of your experience - what you noticed, what you liked/disliked and what you would change.

Receive money to your account

You have successfully completed all steps of the MAVI program and received a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ contains some common questions from our customers before purchasing, if you have any other questions,
please contact us using the contact form below or our email address:

Hair regeneration is the process of restoring hair growth that has been lost due to various reasons such as genetics, stress, nutrition, diseases, etc.

The most common causes of hair loss are genetics, stress, hormonal disorders, unhealthy diet, autoimmune diseases, etc.

The best ways to care for your beard include washing and conditioning your beard, using beard oil, combing and trimming your beard, and using beard balm.

The beard is properly washed by first moistening it with water, then beard shampoo is applied and the scalp is gently massaged. After that, it is washed off and beard balm is applied.

The beard serum is applied by rubbing a little oil into the palms of the hands and then gently rubbing it into the beard

The beard is combed gently from the roots to the ends using a beard comb.

Organic shampoos for hair growth and care are natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, but are based on plant extracts and essential oils.

The main advantage is the beneficial effect on the scalp and hair, they do not contain harmful chemicals, do not irritate the skin, do not damage the hair and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Organic shampoos for hair growth and care contain natural ingredients that are mild and harmless to the scalp and hair, while conventional shampoos contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals that can irritate the skin and damage the hair.

No, our hair growth and care shampoos do not cause dandruff because they do not contain irritating chemicals that can cause scalp irritation.

The beard should be taken care of by regular washing and hydration. It is necessary to use beard shampoo to clean it of impurities and food residues. Also, beard oil is recommended to moisturize and soften the beard.

To prevent irritation of the skin under the chin, it is recommended to regularly clean the beard, moisturize and use quality beard care products. Also, it is important to keep the towel and beard wash clean to prevent bacteria.

Beard health is maintained with regular care. It is necessary to use natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals and that will hydrate and soften the beard. Also, it is important to avoid pulling hair from the beard as this can damage the hair follicles.

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