Hair loss after COVID-19

Hair loss after COVID-19

Hair loss after recovering from COVID-19

Is it really that scary?

Although hair loss is not one of the main symptoms of COVID, or at least it hasn't been until now, that might change.
Namely, a study of 1,655 patients in Wuhan, China revealed that as many as 355 of them had significant hair loss problems after recovering from COVID.

After 6 months, the same questions were repeated and 22% of patients were still struggling with hair loss and thinning.

Hair loss after another illness?

Prompted by the results of research during the COVID-19 pandemic, another study observed that hair loss after the disease is most noticeable after 2 to 3 months and is much more frequent than previously thought.

Dermatologists note that this is a normal mechanism of the body and reaction to stress, but that in some cases hair loss can be permanent. It is precisely for this reason that it is useful to use hair therapy such as the MAVI hair growth package, hair growth shampoo or dermatological roller. In addition to their proven effect on hair growth, they also prevent hair loss and prevention.

In the picture we see the famous actress Alyssa Milano and her struggle with hair loss after an illness.

How can the MAVI hair package help me?

As already mentioned, the MAVI hair growth package not only affects hair growth and density, but also reduces hair loss. Study subjects after 180 days noticed as much as a 60.6% reduction in hair loss.

These are just the results of hair growth shampoo testing. The derma roller as the second component here serves as a bonus that certainly makes these numbers much higher. Microneedle therapy has been around for several thousand years, and its effectiveness cannot be disputed. For all the reasons stated above, it follows that the MAVI hair growth package is worth buying as a preventive means for hair growth that is always good to have in the "drawer"

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