What makes the MAVI beard growth package different from other products?

What makes the MAVI beard growth package different from other products?

What makes MAVI beard growth serum different from other products?

Active ingredients

The use of active ingredients in MAVI beard growth serum is one of the main advantages that we always like to point out. But what exactly are the active ingredients?

These are ingredients that have been tested in the laboratory and clinically and have been shown to produce certain results in certain quantities. In our case of the beard growth serum (but also the hair growth shampoo), the most important active ingredient would be Baicapil.

Although active ingredients are most often obtained chemically in laboratories, this does not mean that they cannot be natural. This is also the case with Baicapila. It is a completely natural active ingredient consisting of three plants: Baikal scallop, extracts of soy and wheat germ.

Thus, for Baicapil, we cannot invent in what proportion it improves beard or hair growth, but the parameters that can be used are precisely determined for it. In our advertisements of MAVI packages for beard growth and hair growth, we often highlight the following information:

59.3% increased density

60.6% reduced shedding (of hair)

68.6% prolonged anagen phase of hair growth

All the above data were obtained after an "in vivo" test on male and female participants between the ages of 18 and 60.

One group used a shampoo containing 3% Baicapil, while the other group applied a lotion without Baicapil (placebo) for 180 days.

What do other beard growth products use?

Although some other products claim to use active ingredients, in most cases this is not the case. The theoretical definition is broad and various ingredients manage to squeeze into the "domain" of active ingredients.
So the vast majority of products use caffeine, biotin or vitamins of groups A, B and C.

Although there is nothing wrong with that, all the above-mentioned substances are much less effective than "real" active substances such as Baicapil. It is for this reason that most products do not use exact numbers or they differ significantly. This is because ingredients like caffeine are not as effective in stimulating beard or hair growth. They stimulate circulation and thereby accelerate hair growth.

If caffeine was really that effective, every person who regularly drinks coffee would have thick hair and a beard. But unfortunately we know that this is not the case. This is why it is important to distinguish between products with real active ingredients and those with "false" ones.

This can be seen not only on the back of the product and its ingredients, but also on the price of the product. As a rule, products with real active ingredients are much more expensive. While you can easily buy caffeine, vitamin C or similar products in a pharmacy, ingredients such as Baicapil or Keratin are much more complex and need to be produced in a laboratory.

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