Why are men with beards more attractive?

Why are men with beards more attractive?

Why do women prefer men with beards?

After dozens of studies in the last few years, scientists have always come to the same conclusions. Women prefer men with beards. The results were almost always the same or very similar. The women were shown the faces of the men in the photographs, and they were tasked with rating them. Men with beards have always been shown to be more attractive, i.e. they have been rated higher. Apart from the beard, other indicators of beauty were strong facial contours, i.e. a strong "jaw" on a man, and broad cheekbones, i.e. a broad smile.

But why exactly are men with beards more attractive?

Even scientists are not sure of that. Beards have been associated with masculinity for many years. Bearded men in movies and series have always been portrayed as dominant and strong. Whether they were warriors in history or manual laborers, men with beards were strong and masculine.

Another reason could be that in most cases excess body hair coincides with higher testosterone in men. And although it is not 100% true and there are numerous exceptions as well as differences that primarily concern genetics and the climate in which a person was born, this theory holds water to some extent.

It is possible that the beard simply hides other parts of the face, such as the jaw, so that a person who would otherwise have a narrow chin or a round face appears more masculine or has more accentuated facial features. In this case, the beard acts as a kind of makeup that hides the face. (Although we can't say that we look at the MAVI beard growth package as lipstick and powder)

It is also interesting that a medium length beard is almost always chosen as the most attractive, while a long beard is associated with men who will be the best parents or fathers. It follows that a beard not only signifies masculinity, attractiveness and sexiness, but also trust and care.

It is even more interesting that the research done among the homosexual population came to the same results. Men with beards are also favored as more handsome.

Is a beard always attractive?

There are also negative aspects of men's beards. As the biggest problem, women expressed their disgust precisely with regard to the hygiene of men's beards and the crumbs, leftover food and bacteria found in the beard. This leads us to the conclusion that as long as we take proper care of our beard, in most cases it can simply make us more beautiful. For some who were born with perfect facial features, it may not have much impact, but for the rest of us, a beard can be a significant improvement in physical appearance. Whether it's a potential partner or a co-worker, a beard will give us that little initial plus and security.

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